Xuggler Support

Here are some areas you can go to for free help with our Xuggler AGPL product and we'll try to give you a hand.

Xuggle or ConnectSolutions does not offer paid support for Xuggler.

Xuggle Blog

We maintain a blog where we post about new releases, features, demos, tutorials and the like. Feel free to check it out or add it to your feed reader.

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Xuggle Wiki

You can peruse our Wiki for lots of tutorials and user submitted tips and tricks.

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Xuggler Forum

If you have questions about how to use the software, or want to meet other members of the Xuggler family, join the Xuggler Users group. The Xuggler developers monitor this list, and we'll try to respond.

Google Groups
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IRC Channel

We're so 1996 we sometimes hang out on the freenode.net irc network in the #xuggler channel.

Bug Reports

For existing bugs, and to file new bugs you've found, please use our Bug Tracker. Please search for existing bugs before filing your bugs -- someone else may be running into the same problem and have some workarounds there.

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Feature Requests

If there's a feature missing from Xuggler, but you really think it should be there, then you can check out our Feature Requests pages. Please search the tracker for someone else who asked for your feature -- the order in which we add features is a "black magic" but is influenced by common demand -- and we can more easily spot common demand if you can team up with others to ask for features.

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