Package com.xuggle.mediatool.event

Package class diagram package com.xuggle.mediatool.event
Events that can be fired by the com.xuggle.mediatool package.


Interface Summary
IAddStreamEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onAddStream(IAddStreamEvent).
IAudioSamplesEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onAudioSamples(IAudioSamplesEvent).
ICloseCoderEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onCloseCoder(ICloseCoderEvent).
ICloseEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onClose(ICloseEvent).
ICoderEvent An IEvent generated by an IMediaCoder object.
IEvent The base class of all MediaTool events.
IFlushEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onFlush(IFlushEvent).
IOpenCoderEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onOpenCoder(IOpenCoderEvent).
IOpenEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onOpen(IOpenEvent).
IPacketEvent An ICoderEvent and IStreamEvent that contains an IPacket object.
IRawMediaEvent An IEvent that contains raw, decoded, media data.
IReadPacketEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onReadPacket(IReadPacketEvent).
IStreamEvent An IEvent that corresponds to a stream in some container.
IVideoPictureEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onVideoPicture(IVideoPictureEvent).
IWriteHeaderEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onWriteHeader(IWriteHeaderEvent).
IWritePacketEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onWritePacket(IWritePacketEvent).
IWriteTrailerEvent Dispatched by IMediaListener.onWriteTrailer(IWriteTrailerEvent).

Class Summary
ACoderMixin An abstract implementation of ICoderEvent, but does not declare ICoderEvent.
AddStreamEvent An implementation of IAddStreamEvent.
AEventMixin An abstract implementation of IEvent, but does not declare IEvent.
APacketMixin An abstract implementation of IPacketEvent, but does not declare IPacketEvent.
ARawMediaMixin An abstract implementation of IRawMediaEvent, but does not declare IRawMediaEvent.
AStreamCoderMixin An abstract implementation of IStreamEvent and ICoderEvent but does not declare IStreamEvent or ICoderEvent.
AStreamMixin An abstract implementation of IStreamEvent, but does not declare IStreamEvent.
AudioSamplesEvent An implementation of IAudioSamplesEvent.
CloseCoderEvent An implementation of ICloseCoderEvent.
CloseEvent An implementation of ICloseEvent.
FlushEvent An implementation of IFlushEvent.
OpenCoderEvent An implementation of IOpenCoderEvent.
OpenEvent An implementation of IOpenEvent.
ReadPacketEvent An implementation of IReadPacketEvent.
VideoPictureEvent An implementation of IVideoPictureEvent.
WriteHeaderEvent An implementation of IWriteHeaderEvent.
WritePacketEvent An implementation of IWritePacketEvent.
WriteTrailerEvent An implementation of IWriteTrailerEvent.

Package com.xuggle.mediatool.event Description

Events that can be fired by the com.xuggle.mediatool package. IEvent is the top of the interface inheritance tree. If a given interface is instantiable as an event, you will find a class with the same name without the starting "I"

Mixin classes (e.g. AEventMixin) are provided as abstract classes implementing all the methods implied by their name, but not actually declaring the interface. In this way child classes can extend them, but separately decide which functionality to admit they have to the outside world.

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