Interface IEvent

Package class diagram package IEvent
All Known Subinterfaces:
IAddStreamEvent, IAudioSamplesEvent, ICloseCoderEvent, ICloseEvent, ICoderEvent, IFlushEvent, IOpenCoderEvent, IOpenEvent, IPacketEvent, IRawMediaEvent, IReadPacketEvent, IStreamEvent, IVideoPictureEvent, IWriteHeaderEvent, IWritePacketEvent, IWriteTrailerEvent
All Known Implementing Classes:
AddStreamEvent, AudioSamplesEvent, CloseCoderEvent, CloseEvent, FlushEvent, OpenCoderEvent, OpenEvent, ReadPacketEvent, VideoPictureEvent, WriteHeaderEvent, WritePacketEvent, WriteTrailerEvent

public interface IEvent

The base class of all MediaTool events.

Method Summary
 IMediaGenerator getSource()
          Get the source of this event.

Method Detail


IMediaGenerator getSource()
Get the source of this event.

the source.

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