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Packages that use IMediaWriter
com.xuggle.mediatool A simple API for to decoding, viewing and encoding media: tutorial here; start with ToolFactory

Uses of IMediaWriter in com.xuggle.mediatool

Methods in com.xuggle.mediatool that return IMediaWriter
static IMediaWriter ToolFactory.makeWriter(String url)
          Create a MediaWriter which will require subsequent calls to addVideoStream(int, int, ICodec, int, int) and/or addAudioStream(int, int, ICodec, int, int) to configure the writer.
static IMediaWriter ToolFactory.makeWriter(String url, IContainer inputContainer)
          Use a specified IContainer as a source for and meta data about the container and it's streams.
static IMediaWriter ToolFactory.makeWriter(String url, IMediaReader reader)
          Use a specified IMediaReader as a source for media data and meta data about the container and it's streams.

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