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Packages that use IMediaViewer
com.xuggle.mediatool A simple API for to decoding, viewing and encoding media: tutorial here; start with ToolFactory

Uses of IMediaViewer in com.xuggle.mediatool

Methods in com.xuggle.mediatool that return IMediaViewer
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer()
          Construct a default media viewer.
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer(boolean showStats)
          Construct a media viewer and optionally show media statistics.
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer(boolean showStats, int defaultCloseOperation)
          Construct a media viewer, optionally show media statistics and specify the default frame close behavior.
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer(IMediaViewer.Mode mode)
          Construct a media viewer which plays in the specified mode.
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer(IMediaViewer.Mode mode, boolean showStats)
          Construct a media viewer which plays in the specified mode and optionally shows media statistics.
static IMediaViewer ToolFactory.makeViewer(IMediaViewer.Mode mode, boolean showStats, int defaultCloseOperation)
          Construct a media viewer which plays in the specified mode, optionally shows media statistics and specifies the default frame close behavior.

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