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public interface Balls

An API for getting images and sounds representing Balls that are to be encoded into a video.

Method Summary
 short[] getAudioFrame(int sampleRate)
          Get the next set of audio for the balls.
 BufferedImage getVideoFrame(long elapsedTime)
          Get a picture of a set of balls.

Method Detail


BufferedImage getVideoFrame(long elapsedTime)
Get a picture of a set of balls. Each new call should provide the right picture assuming elapsedTime, in MICROSECONDS, has passed.

elapsedTime - the time in MICROSECONDS which has elapsed since the last video frame


short[] getAudioFrame(int sampleRate)
Get the next set of audio for the balls. Samples returned should assume they are contiguous to the last samples returned.

sampleRate - the number of samples in a second

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